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Create Your Dental Place

You can add your Dental office, Dental Laboratory or Specialty office at Dental Places for free and take advantages like:

  • Increase your business exposure within dental community
  • Ability to add or be added to Circle, a group of businesses which are interacted with each other
  • e-Booking: Both existing and new patients can book online through your Dental Place e-Booking system. This 24/7 service is free and ruets are forwarded allowing you to reviw ay request o your computer or smart phone.
  • e-Referral: Allowing real time communicaion and referral between referring dentists and specialist office.
  • e-Lab: Fill lab slips and request for your own dental lab pickup online.
  • Link to your website from your Dental Place page.
  • Share your Dental Place on facebook, tweeter, linkedin, google places.
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