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Article / Newsletter Submission

Write Dental Newsletters and articles to share with other dental professionals.

  • Instant, free and simple to publish your Article
  • Articles can be viewed worldwide. It can be shared by readers through e-mail or social media like facebook, linkedin, and twitter.
  • Get acknowledged as author by having your biography attached to your article
  • Instant feedback by reader help improving your connection with your audiences.

You should be a register member ( registeration is free) to be able to publish article or give feedback to an article. Please abide the Terms and Conditions of Odentist by;

  • Following and respecting private property and copyright laws.
  • Respecting colleagues and others by following the code of ethics.
  • provide dental related contents with scientific bases.

Photograph(s) can also be attached to the post to be published as the content of your article. Please note that  the maximum size of each image can not exceed 5000px X 5000px.


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