Jan 06 2013


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Denture reline is NOT always the answer

A complete denture patient with loose denture in most cases does not need a reline, there are other causes for unstable denture.

Let’s face it, we all had that patient with non-implant supported complete denture coming to our practice with chief complain of loose and non-retentive denture.What is the first come to mind…. Reline!.

Well, unfortunately in many cases that is not the answer to resolve the problem. patient may come back over and over after a very nice reline and still has the same problem.

As a dental investigator, we should find out what the cause of loose denture in any specific case is. For patients who had alveolar resorption due to long term use of ill fitted denture or as a result of changes in alveolar process following tooth extaction in an immediate denture case, relining denture can improve the retention and stability. There are other factors contributing to unretentive dentures like over-extended or under-extended denture flanges or dentures without proper occlusal equilibration. If denture flanges invade the anatomical landmarks like frenum, impinge with movement of masseter muscle, mylo-hyoid muscle, or cronoid process of mandibule, one should expect denture becoming loose once patient start to talk. In this case denture may still offer a relativly good retention and suction effect when patient is not talking and is in static position. For such a patient a denture rebase or even remanufacturing a new denture is recommended.

The other common cause of denture instability is non-equilibrated occlusion. If patient does not have contact point on both balancing and non-balancing sides, denture become loose once he or she starts to chew on food and engage in masticatory movements. Again, if denture has sufficient suction effect in static position, the stability of denture can be improved by simply creating coinside contact on both balancing and non-balancing side.

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