Jan 06 2013


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New Fashion: Fake Braces!

For years, braces were used to correct teeth. Now fake braces are becoming a new way of fashion among teenagers in some countries.

One thing that not long ago deteredFake Braces teens from correcting their teeth alignment is now a new trend in soautheast asia. Teenagers in China, Indonesia, and Thailand are wearing dental braces as high-end fashion.  To make it even worse, they are now buying and wearing fake  dental braces throughout salons, street vendors, and even on the black market.

The cost to buy it installed in the hair salons is about $100 comparing to real ones that would be placed professionally by dentists and orthodontists for about $1200.

Asian teens can now purchase non-medical fashion braces in local beauty salons. If salon prices are too high, braces-seeking kids can get even cheaper pairs, which they can apply at home, at open-air stalls in local markets and through online retailers. The style offerings have diversified too. Fake braces come in nearly every color under the sun, not to mention a variety of cartoonish themes from famous charactors.

Celebrities like Katy Perry making metal mouths seem cool.

On the other hand, the risk is high. The metal brackets may contain lead and the can also cause irritation or hypersensitivity to sorounding soft tissue.

The trend has not hit North America yet but the idea of having braces as a cool thing may not be a good news for some big companies like manufacturer of Invisalign.

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